Many people’s teeth have been hurt by myths about dental care – beliefs that certain things will hurt or help their teeth. They end up avoiding good habits and developing bad ones. At Lavaca Dental, we sometimes find ourselves dealing with dental issues caused by myths, and that is why we’re using a few blogs to dispel these myths.

In our last blog, we addressed myths about flossing and the whiteness of your teeth versus their health. Today, we have two more blogs for you to leave behind!

You can relieve pain by putting an aspirin next to the tooth

This is partially true. Aspirin can temporarily relieve that pain, but putting one next to a pained tooth is not a great solution. Aspirin can end up giving your gums burn-like symptoms, and it always works better when it’s in your bloodstream. If you are having tooth pain, contact us, and we can help.

Bleaching teeth is bad

Before 1990, bleaching materials were acidic and would eat away at the teeth’s enamel, so this used to be true. However, materials are no ph balanced, and they won’t harm your enamel or roots. That being said, some whitening gels are so concentrated, they can shock the tooth. If you need tooth whitening, make sure you see a professional at Lavaca Dental.

At Lavaca Dental, we are on a mission to empower our patients to take care of their teeth. If any of these myths look familiar to you, make sure you change your habits and contact the premier dental office in Port Lavaca for a checkup today!

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