Do you remember when you last visited the dentist? Many people put it off so long, they forget! At Lavaca Dental, we understand that making an appointment with the dentist isn’t many people’s idea of fun, but we want to emphasize how important it is. The thing is, you’re going to be making an appointment with a dentist at some point – you get to decide if it’s for a normal checkup or a root canal. Regular checkups with your dentist are the only way to keep your visits pain-free and simple. Otherwise, decay and other issues are free to damage your teeth until you notice, at which point, the issue is usually pretty serious.

In our last blog, we discussed how pain, white spots, and sensitivity in your teeth indicate the need for an immediate dental appointment. In today’s blog, we have two last signs that you need to give your dentist a call!

Dry mouth

  • When you have dry mouth, it doesn’t matter how much water you drink – your mouth will still feel uncomfortably dry. It often arrives with age, and many prescription drugs cause it as a side effect. The key here is sudden occurrence. If you suddenly develop dry mouth, it can indicate disease or bacteria that need the help of a dentist to eliminate.

Bad breath

  • You’ll be able to tell when you have bad breath. Usually, your mouth will taste bad, and it won’t matter how much you brush your teeth – you will still have issues. Bad breath is most often a sign of gingivitis, or infected gums. Gingivitis can result in tooth loss and other health issues, so it’s incredibly important that you make an appointment with your dentist right away.

The team at Lavaca Dental is honored to play any role in your dental health, because we know how deeply it affects your quality of life. We’re ready to help!